2021 Driver Excellence Awards

To mark School Bus Safety week and Driver Appreciation Day, School Bus Ontario (SBO) has granted four drivers with an Excellence award for their dedication to the job, their professionalism and their commitment to safety.  The SBO board of directors received approximately twenty nominations and out of that, four were chosen for their outstanding work.  Each recipient will receive a cheque from SBO as a token of our appreciation.  Each driver will also be featured on SBO’s Facebook and Twitter pages, along with our website.  The four drivers and their highlights are below:

Bill Young – Cook Bus Lines

Bill has been driving a school bus for 48 years!  He loves the job and it shows – he has connected with special  needs students and has even helped one of the non-verbal students say ‘good morning’ and ‘good bye.’

This remarkable achievement is due to Bill’s persistent efforts to connect with the student day in and day out.  Congratulations Bill for your incredible efforts.

Merle Graham, Iron Range Bus Lines

Merle has been driving for 41 years and is currently driving for Iron Range Bus Lines in Northern Ontario.  Her dedication to the job is shown through her determination to help those in need.

She goes out of her way to ensure all the students have mittens, jackets, hats and even shoes or food if they need it. Additionally, Merle ensures each student receive special gifts on graduation or other noteworthy occasions.  Congratulations Merle.

Janis Doxtdator, Caledonia Bus Lines

Janice has been driving for 39 years and is consistently one of the more sought-after school bus drivers at Caledonia Bus Lines. Every year, parents call the company to request that their kids get put on her bus route for school – the children enjoy her that much!   Additionally, Janis loves to work with the local Long Term Care homes and enjoys especially the children with special needs and/or in wheelchairs.  It takes a special someone to care for her job in this fashion!  Thank you Janis.

Terry Dicks, Renfrew Bus Lines

(Picture not available)

Terry has been a driver for 23 years and enjoys driving and is especially dedicated to promoting school bus safety.  He is known to take to social media to promote safety and educating parents, teachers and the kids.  He enjoys telling the story of how one day he refused to release a child to her own father as he hadn’t met the father before and no one had informed him that a new care-giver would be greeting the child that day.  The father was very impressed with his professionalism in watching out for the students’ safety.  Congratulations Terry.