As kids go back to school, how they get there is an important factor.

Ontario school buses have always been among the safest vehicles on the road, thanks to the professionalism and dedication of school bus drivers. We need to make sure the necessary resources are in place to continue serving students and their families – safely and reliably.

School bus drivers are essential frontline workers, and need to be treated that way.

School buses are a critical component in Ontario’s education system. They are also crucial to the economic restart: if kids can’t get to school, parents can’t get to their jobs.

During the return to school this fall, School Bus Ontario has been working through significant challenges, including driver shortages in some communities.

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated issues that needed attention even before the crisis, including:

· Driver retention and recruitment programs;

· The current school transportation model, where school buses are contracted through consortia comprising multiple school boards; and

· Funding from the provincial government not flowing through to school bus operators or drivers.

Please support our efforts to fix the system, both during the COVID-19 crisis and longer-term. Join us in asking for reform to ensure we can continue to get children to and from school.

School Bus Ontario – driving education and the economy.