The SBO Awards Program recognizes individuals, companies and organizations that have made significant contributions towards the student transportation industry in the following categories.

Driver Excellence Award — recognition of a school bus driver demonstrating exemplary performance and a commitment to excellence, particularly in the areas of driving, customer service and safety.

2023 Driver Excellence Recognition Award Winners

In an ongoing effort to recognize the exceptional efforts put forth by thousands of professional school bus drivers each and every day, SBO will once again acknowledge and appreciate an extraordinary school bus driver in Ontario who has demonstrated exemplary performance and a commitment to excellence, particularly in the areas of driving, customer service and safety.

Helena Heuving, Elgie Bus Lines – STC

SBO is pleased to recognize Helena Heuving of Elgie Bus Lines – STC. Helena has been a school bus driver for 23 years! Helena can be described as being cheerful, helpful and dedicated to her job. We applaud Helena for having 23 years of having a clean driving record and for her professionalism and dedication to her job. Thank you, Helena!

Des Fitzgerald, Sharp Bus Lines Limited (Kitchener)

SBO is pleased to recognize Des Fitzgerald of Sharp Bus Lines Limited (Kitchener). Des can be described as one of Sharp Bus Lines most committed trainers and his dedication to driver excellence and safety is renowned around the company. Des works tirelessly and is always the first person to step up and help out where needed. Des is unfailingly dedicated to his work and to helping turn-out drivers with the same focus on safety and customer service he exemplifies himself. SBO applauds Des for his dedication to his job and commitment to safety. Thank you, Des!

Steve Whitehill, Century Transportation Ltd. – STC

SBO is thrilled to recognize Steve Whitehill of Century Transportation – STC. Steve is a retired and dedicated fire captain in Peterborough and joined Century Transportation to give back to his community. Steve helped with driver recruitment through the “Drive Yellow” campaign and we are deeply thankful for his service in helping a colleague, suffering from chest pains, get to the hospital to recover. We appreciate all of his efforts and applaud him for his professionalism and dedication to his job. Thank you, Steve!

Shirley Dufour, Sharp Bus Lines Limited (Essex)

SBO is pleased to recognize Shirley Dufour of Sharp Bus Lines Limited (Essex). Shirley has been a driver for 38 years and has great experience and dedication to safety and the students. It was pointed out that Shirley has been a safety-oriented and reliable driver, helping with the ‘First Ride’ program, the bus patrol training and the bus evacuation training at schools. We appreciate all of Shirley’s efforts and applaud her for her professionalism and dedication to her job. Congratulations on 38 years and thank you, Shirley!

We would like to thank everyone who applied! Thank you for all you do daily to ensure our children get to and from school safely. We are extremely thankful for each one of you!