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School Bus Ontario (SBO) is pleased to offer this on-line criminal background check service in partnership with Sterling Talent Solutions.

For only $29 (+ HST) per application, this on-line service will allow individual applicants to complete a criminal background check from any location (with an internet connection).  NOTE: This is NOT a Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS);  VSS’s are only available from your local police service.

BENEFITS of SBO’s on-line background check service:

  • Most Results provided within one (1) business day
  • Electronic transfer (by applicant) to the MTO (and others) eliminating the need to mail-in results to MTO Driver Improvement Office via mail or courier.
  • Meets minimum background check requirements for Class B or E licencing purposes.
  • Convenient, on-line experience – no travel time for applicants, no waiting in police department lobbies, no paying for parking.
  • No delays or lost documents associated with mailing in results to MTO.
  • Tamper-proof results.
  • Applicants receiving a clean result do not need to visit their local police service to fulfill MTO requirements for Class B and E licences (a VSS may still be required for school board/transportation consortia requirements).
  • Maximum security and tracking of applicant results.
  • Compliance with federal and provincial privacy protection requirements.
  • Simplified record management for both applicants and administrators – results are stored and archived online and remain retrievable at a later date, even after submission to the MTO.
  • SBO discounted rate for all applicants (cheaper than rates charged by most police services).

The following is a snapshot of the application and results process:

  1. Click on the link below to create your personal account and log in credentials.
  2. Log in to the application process with your new user credentials to complete your consent form and provide the mandated personal details in order for the check to be completed.
  3. Verify your identity.  Most candidates will be able to do so online, although a very small number may be asked to go to their nearest Canada Post outlet to complete the identification step (no additional charges).
  4. You will be notified of your completed result within one business day.  You may then log in to your account to view, confirm and share that result with the MTO.  For more details about the various results, scroll down.


In order to receive the results of your background check, you will need to log in to your account and electronically share the results with the Ministry of Transportation.  You will be able to do so by selecting the “Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, Headquarters” from a list of partners, which will appear next to your result after typing in “Ministry of Transportation” in the organization search box.

Your check will be returned with one of the following results:

  1. Clear – Indicates that no criminal conviction history was identified.  This result is eligible for electronic sharing with the Ministry of Transportation as outlined.
  2. Other Results – “Not Clear”; “Not Confirmed”; “Defer to Local Police”; “Questionable” – These results are not eligible for electronic sharing with the Ministry of Transportation.  To proceed with the Class B or E licence application process, you must obtain a Criminal Records and Judicial Matters (CRJM) Check or Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) from your local police service.  The original document must then be mailed or couriered to the Ministry of Transportation at the following address:

Ministry of Transportation
Driver Improvement Office, Driver Control Section
Attn: Class B or E CRJM
77 Wellesley St. W. Box 671
Toronto, Ontario  M7A 1N3

A faxed or scanned/emailed copy will not be accepted by the MTO unless the results are only provided in electronic format by the police service, in which case an email of the electronic original is acceptable.

CLICK HERE to start your on-line criminal background check