Navigating Coronavirus: COVID-19 information and Resources for the Student Transportation Industry

1. Facts About COVID-19
2. Ontario COVID-19 Information
3. Ontario’s Action Plan: Responding to COVID-19
4. Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
5. Ontario List of “Essential Workplaces”
6. Ontario COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool
7. Government of Canada Resources
8. Public Health Resources (Canada)
9. Resources for Canadian Businesses
10. Canadian Chamber of Commerce – Canadian Business Resiliency Network
11. Support for Canadians and Businesses:

  • Support programs for workers – Emergency Care Benefit, Emergency Support Benefit
  • Temporary Canada Child Benefit increase
  • GST relief
  • Moratorium on repayment of student loans
  • Doubling the funding of the Reaching Home program for homeless individuals
  • Increased funding for shelters
  • An Indigenous community support fund
  • Extended deadline for those who have a CRA payment
  • Business supports including provincial and federal tax deferrals and wage subsidy
  • Personal loans and income tax deferral

12. World Health Organization (WHO)

13. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Canada)