New Eight Lamp Warning System in Ontario

Rob Murphy, President SBO, Karen Redman, Chair, Region of Waterloo & MPP Mike Harris Jr, sponsor of bill

This fall (2022) changes are coming to school buses.  A new amber-red, eight light system is being rolled out across the province to further protect students with a new warning system to alert drivers that the school bus is coming to a stop.

New amber-yellow lights will flash as the school bus approaches a stop which will serve as a warning to drivers that the bus will soon stop.  Once the bus comes to a complete stop, the red lights will flash and the stop arm will be extended which signals to drivers in both directions that they MUST stop.

This new system is another essential tool to keep students safe as they get on and off the school bus.  Although no statistics are gathered on the number of motorists who blow by a stopped bus with lights flashing, it is estimated that it happens every day on almost every bus route in the province.

School Bus Ontario (SBO) thanks MPP Michael Harris, Jr. for introducing this bill in the winter of 2022 to keep children safe.  The bill passed unanimously in the Legislature in the spring.

Additionally, the rear of the school bus will have updated signage that states “Do Not Pass When Red Lights Flashing.”

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