School Bus Safety Week, October 18 – 22

School bus safety week is Oct 18th to the 22nd, 2021  and to mark the occasion this year, School Bus Ontario (SBO) has chosen four drivers for a school bus driver’s excellence award.  Operators across the province were asked to submit nominations and a special SBO committee was set up to choose the winners, who were chosen for their outstanding service, commitment to the job and exemplary safety record.  All winners will have their stories shared on the SBO website and twitter account throughout the week.

School Bus Safety Press Release 

The theme for this year’s safety week is “One bus + One driver = big impact on education.” School bus drivers are highly skilled professionals who are responsible for the safety of our children day in and day out.  In addition to the driver’s licence, school bus drivers must also have:

  • A criminal background check;
  • Pass a medical and vision test;
  • Epi pen training;
  • First-Aid;
  • CPR training;
  • Racial sensitivity training;
  • Other yearly certifications.

School bus drivers must also conduct a thorough safety inspection of their bus before operating it?  This daily inspection includes checking a minimum of 29 vehicle systems and components.

Did you know that school buses are the safest mode of getting students to and from school?  You can read all about safety and other facts here