Back-to-School: Bus Safety First

Fall 2023

Top tips for school bus safety:

  • STOP for the school bus!  Every day in every region of Ontario, there are reports of motorists blowing by stopped buses when the stop arm is extended and overhead lights flashing.
  • The “danger zone” is the area around a bus where the bus driver has limited ability to see people
    • never walk behind the bus.
    • only go in front of the bus when the crossing gate and stop arm are active
    • stay away from the tires and the side of the bus.
    • never try to touch the outside of the bus.
  • When motorists are coming up behind a stopped school bus with overhead lights flashing – you must stop a minimum of 20 metres from the bus.
  • Students stay seated on the bus and face forward while in your seat.  Don’t change seats once seated.  Keep legs out of the aisle.  Don’t put arms or head out the window.