School Bus Drivers – T4A’s Important Information

Online T4As – The DRP Service Provider, Deloitte, has advised that the Driver T4As in the CRA online account had inaccurate street numbers/street names/unit numbers. These T4A slips were not mailed. Please note that Deloitte has advised that all other T4A information was correct and can be relied upon by drivers for income tax purposes if they would prefer not to wait for the revised forms to be mailed out. Correct address information is expected to be appear in updated T4A slips on CRA online accounts soon. The DRP Service Provider is working hard to correct this. Mailed T4As – Mailed T4A slips will include correct driver addresses, as provided by the Operators.  Drivers should be seeing these mailed slips shortly.If you or your school bus drivers have any questions, please contact the DRP Call Centre or visit the DRP web page:•           School Bus Operators – or 1-833-715-7360 •           School Bus Drivers – or 1-833-346-6177 •  do NOT call SBO for this issue but the numbers above