2022 School Bus Driver Excellence Award

School Bus Ontario is pleased to announce that Andrea Mederios of First Student in Georgetown has earned this year’s Driver Excellence award.¬† Andrea is being awarded this for avoiding a very serious collision during a field trip last year.

First Student described the scene as “something you’d see in a movie.”¬† While crossing¬† over Highway 400 on Major Mackenzie Drive, a vehicle in the oncoming traffic collided with another car and literally went flying into the air in front of the bus.Andrea not only saw what was happening yet was able to keep calm while keeping her bus and passengers safe all while the car flew in front of her and landed between the side of the bus at the entrance doors and the guard rail. Police and EMS arrived shortly on the scene and directed the two buses to the adjoining car pool lot where both drivers were able to help the students stay calm and focused.

First Student says: “It was one of those moments where clearly our drivers heroic effort saved the day, and of course, the training she received as a First Student employee certainly was a contributing factor.”